Sunday, January 15, 2012

Haley's Daycare

Haley loves to pretend to be a teacher and put all her babies to sleep. She will lay them all down and cover them up. Then she has to tell a few of them to stop playing and she will rearrange everybody. Then she sits down in between two babies and pats their backs and will move around until she's patted all of them. She could literally do this for at least an hour. How many sleeping babies can you count in this picture?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sneaky Girl

I was changing Michael this morning and realized that it was a little too quiet. I finished up real quick and went and found this in my bedroom.And, I didn't even leave the pantry open, she got her stool and opened it by herself - I guess she really wanted donuts for breakfast!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Told You

that if you didn't take a nap this morning you'd be tired by lunch time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Present

Granddaddy gave the kids a bounce house for Christmas, and it was a beautiful afternoon, so we decided to try it out.Michael's not so sure about it at first.Haley loved it from the start and knew exactly what to do.Such a happy girl!Michael decided it was pretty fun and was bouncing up and down.He got a chance to crawl around a little while Haley took a break.He came back to the slide and was hanging out there.You would think with both kids pretty much trapped in one spot that I could get a decent picture of them together, but not really - this was the best of the bunch.I think this smiley boy decided he liked the present.The bounce house was extremely easy to blow up and take down, but not so easy to fold up. I know it will get a lot of use. Thank You Granddaddy!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Haley and Daddy at the Farm

After Christmas Justin took Haley to Manning and then to Beaufort for a couple of days, while Michael and I came back home because I had to work. Haley was really excited about seeing Granddaddy and riding on the big tractor.He even let her steer for awhile.She had a good time, and they stopped to collect some cotton for her, which she brought home to show Michael.There sure is a lot of love between these two!Next it was time to go see the piggies. Justin pointed out some pig poop outside though, so then Haley thought all the pigs had poop on them and didn't want to touch any of the babies.She liked looking at them though, and seeing the brand new piggies.I'm sure she was explaining to Granddaddy how everything works here.Then she helped him feed the Mama pigs.They went to look in a different kind of house, and then went on one more tractor ride.They all went to Beaufort with Vicki and Grandma for a couple of days, and then Justin and Haley came home to join us. Haley said maybe when Michael gets bigger he can go to the farm, but right now he's too little.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas #5 (with the Ganns)

After leaving Grandma's we headed over to Toby and Lina's for Christmas dinner with the Ganns. Haley remembered Coco the bunny from last year and wanted to see her again. She also learned that Tinkerbell was the other bunny, and she scratches, so we couldn't hold her.Michael started out the evening feeling pretty good.He chased Haley around the kitchen island a couple of times, which was funny.We had a delicious dinner, where Haley was so excited about her place seating card. She asked me to carry it for her and called it her ticket. After dinner the kids opened presents.Haley got to go first, and of course she opened Michael's too.Breland was having so much fun with Michael she almost forgot to open her presents.Suebella promised Gray he was getting a lump of coal for Christmas, and he was pretty surprised when that's what he actually got!Haley opened her jewelery box right away and started decorating it. (and leaving little diamond stickers all over)Michael had a good time hanging out with Toby and playing with Breland.Then the kids started playing Just Dance on the Wii, which was pretty entertaining. Kyle was really good, and I think Gray and I have the same no rhythm issues.Haley danced a tiny bit with Breland and Sophia, but was a little shy in front of everyone. She really had a good time with Taylor, Breland and Sophia though. And they were so sweet playing with her.Then we tried to get again for some pictures, but this was about the best one. I don't know when we will learn that we should do that first when the kids are happy instead of waiting untl the end of the night.It went by so fast, but it was really great seeing all of Sue's family. I have a picture of the whole group that I need to scan and then I'll add it here. We did miss Arrie though, and are praying for a fast and complete recovery.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas #4 (with the Munns)

After spending a little time with Santa presents (and a lot of time getting dressed and ready) we headed over to Grandma's house. We got to see Grandma, Haley's Vicki, Elizabeth and even got to see Matthew later. Granddaddy and Alyson had to work, so we missed them. Michael was happy but still not feeling great.Haley was really into opening presents this year and didn't mind opening all of Michael's for him either!Grandma loved her yearly calendar and laughed at the sticker picture all over again.Michael got lots of help figuring out how one of his toys worked.And Daddy got lots of "help" putting together Haley's castle.Haley loved the castle and spent a lot of time in there singing and playing guitar with her new Elmo.She liked to keep an eye on us through the window though!Michael really liked his basketball goal, and figured it out pretty quickly.Vicki got to watch Elmo and Haley put on a show together.While Michael refused to take a nap, no matter how much Grandma rocked him.Matthew got there shortly before we left and got to see all the commotion and mess that comes with two young kids!We had a great time as always at Grandma's and really enjoyed the time we got to spend with everyone, while greatly missing those that weren't with us this year.

Christmas #3 (Santa!!!!)

We woke up at Granny's on Christmas morning. Justin got up with Michael and when Haley got up, I got her to go upstairs to see Daddy and Michael before she looked in the living room.When she came downstairs she said, "Look at all these toys" and was excited to see what Santa brought.Happy First Christmas my sweet little boy!